Hot Offers

Every few weeks I like to share a list of Hot Offers. ideas that aren’t enough for an entire column on their own. but that might be just the little nuggets you need to save money. This time around I’ll cover half a dozen tricks and tips for saving on prescription medications.

Just in case a new medicine doesn’t agree with you. you don’t want to waste money on several months worth. So Hot Offers instead, ask your doctor to write you two prescriptions. One that will last a couple of days or weeks and another. longer one that you can fill after that if the medication agrees with you and helps you.

How to Save

These initials stand for “extended release” and “continuous delivery.” They are often trumped-up variations of medications . that were big money makers for the manufacturer but lost their patent. Manufacturers sometimes invent slightly new versions of their biggest blockbusters. patent them in an attempt to keep the dollars flowing. That’s their right. And it’s your right to ask if older.cheaper, generic drugs will work just as well for you.

If you want to try pill splitting, where you buy higher dose pills then split them in half. ask your doctor to write “use as directed” instead of detailed dosing instructions. Some insurance companies don’t allow you to get more than a month’s supply of medicine at a time. So, if your strategy is to get 30 higher dose pills. split them so they last two months that could be a problem. Exactly how you take those pills can be a private matter between you and your doctor. Ask your doctor to explain the pill-splitting protocol during your. office visit instead of on the prescription pad. And be sure the prescription you take is appropriate for splitting.


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